Why Is My Ac Unit Iced-up In Summer?

When summer starts everyone switch on their AC system to fight the hot summer days. Everything looks good until your AC unit is iced-up.AC unit do gets iced-up during winter months. Seeing the AC unit iced-up during summer might be shocking.

It is not abnormal to see your system frozen during the summer months. Frozen system is the sign that there might be a big problem inside your system. If your system is frozen first thing you must do is turn of your unit.

Frozen unit results in blocked air flow inside the unit. It can cause major damage to the components and can also result in the failure of the system.

There are two of the most common reasons for your AC unit to be ice-up in summer.

1. Lack of air flow

If there is not sufficient air flowing inside the house it can result in frozen unit. When the air filters are dirty it gets clogged and the air flow is restricted.

If evaporative coils are not able to get the sufficient air temperature of the coils falls below the freezing point. The moisture present on the coils starts converting into ice.

Various reasons for the lack of air flow can be dirty coils, damaged motor or damaged air ducts.

2. Low Refrigerant levels

Low refrigerant is mainly caused due to refrigerant leak. If there refrigerant leaks problem it could be reason for the frozen unit.

If the refrigerant level is low than temperature of the coils drops and results in the formation of condensation. This condensate starts freezing and results in the formation of the ice on the unit.

If you find out a refrigerant leak in your system call a professional to fix the leak.

Such problems mostly occur due to poor maintenance of the system. Regular repair and maintenance of the air conditioner by the professional can help to avoid these problems.





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