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Blog Title: What are the advantages of zoned HVAC units?
What are the advantages of zoned HVAC units?
Category: Central Air Conditioning Unit Post By: EDWARD K (Boston, MA), 05/12/2016

Before we start discussing the benefits of zoned HVAC units, it is important that we understand the meaning of zoned HVAC units. The meaning of zoned HVAC units is that the house is divided into multiple zones, the heating and cooling requirement of which is different from one another. Due to this zoned HVAC units the multiple zones of the HVAC units is either heated or cooled as per their requirement. The controlling mechanism behind the zoned HVAC units is typically electronic thermostats and controlled modulating dampers.Nevertheless, there are some benefits associated with these zoned HVAC units and that is the reason people opt for these zoned units in recent times. The prominent advantages are the following:Zoned HVAC units ensured enhanced convenience and comfort. As there are electronic thermostats you need not set the temperature every time there is a change in the outside temperature, you will have to set it once and the electronic thermostat adjust accordingly henceforth. Moreover, the heating is as per requirement. The kitchen temperature can be set lower while the bedroom temperature can be set higher. At the same time, there are no hot or cold spots.Last but not the least, in case of zoned HVAC units, the overall lifespan of the unit increases because the unit is used efficiently in case of a zoned unit which in turn reduces the wear and tear of the unit making it last longer.

- KEVIN J (Baltimore, MD), 06/12/2016
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