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Blog Title: How does a refrigerant function?
How does a refrigerant function?
Category: Home Air Systems Post By: SHARON H (Phoenix, AZ), 12/14/2016

Refrigerant is a compound found either in a gaseous or a liquid state and it is integral to the air conditioning technology. However, refrigerant provides the cooling effect when it combines with other components of the air conditioner. Refrigerants are contained in copper coils when it comes to an air conditioner. When the refrigerant absorbs heat from the inside air it gets converted to a high pressure liquid from a low pressure gas. The air conditioning components send the refrigerant outside where a fan blows hot air over the condenser coils and it is sent to the outside air. As a next step the refrigerant cools down and gets back to its gaseous form at a low pressure. Then another fan which is located in the indoor unit of the air conditioner blows air over the cool coils so that the cool air can be circulated into the room. After this, the cycle repeats again. In fact, this is an ongoing process till the time an air conditioner is kept on. However, you need to keep in mind that it can be quite difficult to understand that the refrigerant is leaking from an AC until it stops functioning completely. Hence, it is better that you opt for a routine maintenance so that leaks if any can be found out and appropriate actions are taken to repair it.

- CAROLYN K (Seattle, WA), 12/15/2016
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